• Okay my loves. I need to take a break. I had a wonderful clarity session on myself and my business and I realized through all of this that I am not giving 100% of my truth. No, I haven’t lied to you, but I also haven’t said it all. I have been too afraid to step on toes and say… [Continue Reading]

    Am I trying to hard to fit in?
  •   So I find that the topic of weapons is not an easy subject to discuss, but I feel like we need to talk about this. I grew up with guns in my home. Hunting rifles to be exact, but I didn’t really think twice about them. Had no clues where there were and didn’t care. My stepfather kept the… [Continue Reading]

    I Am a Woman and Mother and I own Guns
  •   So I didn’t grow up in a household where shaving one’s body parts were placed in my head as a must do a thing because you are female. In fact, I wanted to shave my legs the first time because a friend had talked about it and I thought I was weird. Well, my mother has shaved her legs… [Continue Reading]

    To Shave or Not?
  • So as I am writing this, my daughter (who has said that she wants to be called Polka Dots, so Polka Dots it is) and Matt are in the kitchen trying to teach her some independence. Now keep in mind she is pretty self-sufficient, but with my anxiety, I have enabled her to become dependent on asking for help. While… [Continue Reading]

    Crying Is Always Allowed In My House
  • So let me first just say, To every one of you, that touched me this past week. To everyone, that read me this week. To anyone who left a comment this week. Thank you. Thank you for still showing me that there are still decent people in the world and reminding this Goddess that I still have this.   It… [Continue Reading]

    The Goddess Is BACK!
Welcome! I'm Selene, your resident Imperfect, Bipolar Goddess. I am glad you are here. I am a feminist, but I love the D. I also love the ladies but am currently in a semi-monogamous relationship with a very handsome man. We are getting married! I am also Bipolar which sucks sometimes, but it isn't who I am. Stick around for some good laughs. My life is hilarious. Make fun of it with me!